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If you're here, it means you probably love one of the following disciplines; Art,  Theater, Blogging, Writing, or Poetry. We're just glad you are here and we really hope that you would leave us a comment and show some love to the pieces that you do love. Feel free to screen shot and share.


Hadassah is a design story. A motivational source for the Brand "Kingz Daughter." It is the story, behind the concept. Told mainly through  the eyes of the six main characters, While we know it's a different way to swing a Blog in 2020; still we hope to keep you coming back for more! Some parts are sketched in with real life while others are shaded in by fiction. It's about design and what influences people to dress and style themselves the way they do. It's also about love, betrayal, choices, culture, forgiveness and revenge!


This BLOG is dedicated to the first Muse I ever knew. The one who fueled this appetite to LIVE and not just EXIST; My mother, my Queen... R.I.P.