Journey To Purpose

Who are you? How would you go about answering this question?


In order to make good use of anything, you must first know what it is and then how to use it. A good thing in the wrong hand can become a weapon and ignorance will cause poison to be eaten as food. What am I really saying? If you do not know who you are, then how will you know what is right for you.  Often we end up guessing through life, doing what others think is best, what feels good or what makes sense instead of what you were born to do; instead of fulfilling God’s plans for your life.


Life does not have to be a gamble, you can determine your power and potential as an individual. As you do this you will make sense of your personality and discover meaning even in pain or disappointment. Yes! Even in pain and disappointment but let’s be honest It won’t be easy.


Anything worth having requires effort and sweat to acquire. You are worthy of the effort and the energy it would take to peel back every false perception of yourself. When you begin to uncover who you are then you can begin to understand why you are here on this earth.  This journey begins with becoming self-aware and this is where we wish to begin.


Each participant must submit one paragraph detailing their perception of who they believe themselves to be at the beginning of the first session which will be reviewed on the last day.


Program Details:

Location - PTBC

Maximum number ­– Twenty persons

Sex – Both male and female

Age group – 16 to 24

Session – once per week

Registration - free

Call Us at: 1868 329-6617

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